Winning And Losing - Fred Thompson And The Republicans

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After decades of watching US presidential politics, it seems some themes recur as regularly as leap-year. Always, we complain about how long the campaign is, that it should be shorter, that we're suffering from campaign fatigue. We're now in the perpetual campaign, where fundraising and exploratory teams begin the first Wednesday of November after an election. We complain that there's too much money, but the lengthened campaigns require even more money to be viable. We complain that the mainstream media has a stranglehold on the process. We Republicans rightly complain that there is no attention to issues and principles, and that campaigns are too driven by focus group sound bites and attack ads. With all our complaining, in 2008, Fred Thompson was someone who was everything we were hoping for. For four months, he walked the land and spoke to real people about real issues...and we ignored him.

Believing the campaign season was too long and required too much money, Fred refused to enter the race until the traditional time, Fall of the year preceding the election. The MSM said he was too late, and everyone, including "conservatives," echoed that sentiment. Believing there was too much money required, and too much time required to do fundraisers, Fred chose to campaign on the Internet, and face to face with voters the media markets ignored.

Opposing the stranglehold of the 30-second-sounbite-driven media, Fred filled his speeches with content that applied true conservative principles to the real issues of today. The MSM called him boring and the "conservative" pundits agreed. Opposing the driven, 20 hour days of the over-ambitious candidates, Fred campaigned 12-15 hours a day, and took a day off every two weeks, so the MSM branded him lazy. The "conservative" pundits echoed that sentiment far and wide. The MSM and the pundits, constantly asked, "When are you getting out?" rather than, "What do you believe the country needs?" The "conservative " pundits echoed all the stories of Fred not wanting it, not having fire in his belly and ready to quit. Instead of the character assassinations and smears he was receiving, Fred gave substantive, principled contrasts between his opponents and himself. Is this fair? Maybe not, but, "politics ain't beanbags." Despite all the opposition of four leading Republicans, four major TV networks, and almost all the newspapers, Fred got his message out.

He was repeatedly praised for his principle-driven, detailed plans to deal with all the problems facing the USA. He had the only plan to permanently solve the Social Security mess and the other entitlement programs. His tax and spending reduction programs were praised as the best of all the Republicans, by conservatives and liberals good, Rudy copied them two months later. Fred's Illegal Immigration plan was known to be the most detailed, change the fewest laws, provide sealed borders, allow no amnesty and provide for orderly voluntary return of illegals to their home literally forced the other candidates to take stronger stands. His plan to rebuild our military and continue the fight against Islamic extremism, was detailed, sensible, and possible. He won the last three Republican debates, not by grandstanding or taking aimless swipes at his opponents, but by offering substance and principle every time he opened his mouth. We know these things, because Fred succeeded.

Now that he has withdrawn, the MSM and "conservative" pundits will write his political epitaph as though they were right all along. They will say he failed because of his tardiness, laziness and stubborn, plodding style. They will say this despite the fact he succeeded! His message got out! All the other candidates, to one degree or other, were forced to adopt more conservative positions on the economy, entitlements, war on terror, and illegal immigration. Whoever ends up the Republican candidate will be more conservative because Fred Thompson succeeded in communicating genuine conservative principles. Unfortunately, no matter who our candidate is, he will be but a pale shadow of Fred Thompson. The most conservative viable candidate remaining is Mitt Romney, who, with health care mandates and $ 20 B auto industry bailouts, could hardly be described as genuine. Once the nominees are known and the battle is joined, we Republicans will look back and lament the absence of Fred Thompson, the one we ignored, the one true conservative who could have made a stand on principle and advanced the conservative or lose. or lose...liberalism wins, no matter how the pundits spin it.

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Winning And Losing - Fred Thompson And The Republicans

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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