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With a little creative thought, you can take a product that is intended for one Republican campaign purpose and turn it into a Republican campaign marketing multi-tasker. Take megaphones for example. Consider how you can make effective use of a couple hundred megaphones imprinted with your Republican Campaign logo and website.

First, and most obvious, they are great for volunteer use in parades. For maximum effect you should develop a few cheers such as, "When we say, "Vote For" You say (Republican Candidate Name). "

Then, your cheerleaders immediately say, "Vote For" and the crowd responds.

You can have a lot of fun doing this. The crowd gets to hear your Republican candidate's name and you're not wasting your money handing out "stuff" to Democrats who won't vote for you anyway.

Another thing you can do to create excitement among volunteers and supporters is to hold a contest where people submit cheers. Your campaign chooses however many winners and awards prizes of some sort. Winner's photos and names (with permission) are posted on your website. This can increase website traffic.

Once you've made your investment in the megaphones you can use them in a number of other venues:

1) Let's say you want to host a bicycle safety rally in conjunction with the local police department. Use the megaphones as traffic cones laying out the course for the kids to ride their bikes.

2) At your Republican campaign fund raisers, Lincoln Day dinners and meet & greets, you place the megaphone over a vase, insert flowers and you have instant table centerpieces.

3) If you purchase the megaphone with the optional end cap, you can fill them with popcorn, making them a great item to give supporters at fundraisers.

And when you think about it, the whole cheering thing is a great way to add fun and excitement to a Republican rally or fund raiser. If you give it some real thought, you can develop interesting and catchy cheers that can have a lasting effect throughout your Republican campaign.

How cool would it be for about 50 of your supporters to be in the stands at a high school basketball game and your Republican megaphones get 12 seconds on the 11:00 o'clock news sports highlights. Hey! It could happen. Go Team!

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Republican Campaign Megaphone Marketing

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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