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Drip marketing campaigns require a number of mail messages which are delivered or “dripped” in a determined, prearranged order for a specific predefined action.  Drip campaigns are most effective when wanting to promote leads.  They frequently use instruction, customer feedback along with other strategies to move prospective customers through the early part of the sales cycle as they continue to increase their interest, step by step. Drip marketing campaigns are a resourceful and efficient way to nurture and reach a large targeted market.
Every campaign must have a clearly defined goal.  You cannot plan a campaign if your do not know who your target market is and what you are trying to achieve.

1. Identify your Target Prospect
To send the right message you need to the demographics and buying behaviors of your prospective customers. Your offer, message, tone, and imagery need to appeal to your audience.  Conveying the wrong message will turn off your prospective customers quickly. Unless you appeal to their needs and communicate in their language, your email campaigns can easily be discarded.

2. Know the Best Approach
Many people today are overwhelmed with email and prefer to go to a Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Sometimes a phone call is the best strategy.  Take the time to send out customer surveys, asking how they wish to be contacted. Creating and modifying your campaigns to fit the needs and requests of your prospects and clients assures that they will anticipate your messages and read them.  One size does not fit all.

3. High Value Content
There is nothing worse then receiving boring, sales pitches.  Drip campaigns should be nurturing, helping your prospects with their problems, giving them information and best practices in their industries.  In short, your content should be valuable and useful to them.  Sharing information does not necessarily have to be authored by you or your company.  Forwarding industry studies such as MarketingSherpa and eMarketer, sends authoritative studies, showing them you are on top of your field, sharing helpful facts they can use.

Drip marketing can be likened to watering your garden.  You study the need of each plant and can regulate the irrigation to target the flowers with the right amount of water at the right time.  It is the perfect image of a drip email marketing campaign.

4. In Email Marketing – Appearance Matters

· Design Strategically: In drip campaigns, design and imagery need to support but not overshadow your content.
· When you purchase email campaign software, you receive hundreds of beautifully designed HTML templates.  Why not start out as a winner?
· Don’t overpower with too many graphics.  Graphics can obscure an important message.  Many people have their graphics turned off in their email programs.  Test your campaigns before sending.

How to Use your Drip Email Marketing Campaigns

· Promote a new product or event – give a webinar – sell a new product on YouTube.
· Use your campaign to inform, share, and teach.  Sending some time and money saving tips will always be appreciated.  Created a series of “how to” articles can convert prospects into clients.
· Send a survey.  Get the temperature of your product and service.  Honest responses can help modify your future campaigns and objectives.
· Don’t forget to integrate social media into your campaigns.  Make it easy for your recipients to forward and share your drip campaigns with their friends, family, and business colleagues.

Test your Campaign’s Overall Campaign Performance

You cannot modify what you cannot measure.  Tracking your email marketing drip campaigns is crucial to your business success.  After you hit that send button, tracking your campaigns in real time is invaluable.  You need to know:

· Your deliverability rates
· Your click through rates
· Your subscribe rates
· Your unsubscribe rates
· Your bounce rates
· Your conversion rates

With email campaign software, you will receive real time tracking reports and analytics, enabling you to plan and focus on an email campaign strategy that not only engages, but satisfies the subscriber, as well.

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Email Marketing Drip Campaigns

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This article was published on 2010/12/27