4 Aspects Influencing Leaflet Distribution

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When you consider embarking on a leaflet distribution campaign, there are several aspects you should look at. First of all, outline the reason for giving out flyers. Do you want to launch a new product or improve your business in the market? Secondly, find out if you want to give the leaflets to particular people or to anyone in general. Once you decide why you want the leaflets and the people you are targeting, you can think of designing and wording the flyer for maximum effectiveness. You can also think of using this system as the sole marketing campaign or use other methods along with it. There is nothing wrong if you decide to make this your only strategy as it is quite effective


  1. Hire a Professional – It is always wise to let the experts deal with the leaflet distribution campaign. They will know just the size, colour and design of the flyer and which people to target. They have experts to deal with the designing and wording of the leaflets. If you really want to achieve success through this method, the professional is a better choice for the job. You will only handle the job in a amateurish way and lose out on the potential customers. On the other hand, when you hire a company, they will see to it that a proper copy writer and a graphic designer get on the job.


  1. Use Good Quality Paper – Don't compromise on the quality of the paper if you want to impress people. Poor quality paper may be cheap but they will seldom urge people to think. In all probability, they will land up in the trash bin. Choose A6 size thick paper if you are having them hand delivered to people in the streets. But if want the leaflets to be sent to people's homes then you can choose A5 size which are much more convenient.


  1. Select a Good Distributor – There are many types of distributors you can select for your leaflet distribution campaign. They can be local or national. Each of them has their pros and cons. You will have to pay in advance for the job. It is important that you check the testimonials before hiring a company. You can even ask them to be accountable by showing proof of the fact that they have been delivered to the people. The company will also have to give you a detailed report about the campaign.


  1. Slowly Increase the Magnitude of the Campaign – It is wise to begin with a test run when you embark on the leaflet distribution campaign. This is important to find out how effective your strategy is in getting you customers. This will be a good ploy to evaluate the success of both the campaign and the distributor company. If you find everything proceeding as per plan, then you can increase the magnitude of the campaign. On the other hand, if you don't get much success, you can change your strategy or the distribution company. But make sure that you have people ready to handle the queries that pour in because of the campaign.


By paying attention to all these aspects of leaflet distribution, you can develop a good marketing strategy and create potential customers.

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4 Aspects Influencing Leaflet Distribution

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This article was published on 2011/03/26